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about us


Well, actually it's just me, Tracey Berke...

Owner, Sales Representative, Graphic Designer, Project Manager, Print Production Coordinator & Accounting Department.

(That qualifies me as an "us" right?)

I'm the person you talk to, I'm the person who listens to you, I'm the person who is your designer, I'm the person who helps you with everything it takes to actually produce what we work on together.

I'm the person who cares.

(I've been called a mama bear on more than one occasion)

I am a firm believer in brand consistency, with extensive experience with
Brand DevelopmentLogo Creation, Naming Explorations, Packaging,
Collateral Material Design
... pretty much anything that you need designed!

I have a printing background (as in I used to work at an actual print shop so I can"talk the talk") in addition to my design expertise, and also have longstanding relationships with many printers.
This allows me to be able to design to your needs, with the goal being
no surprises on the tail end of your project. 

I don't only "do" design, I create lasting partnerships with my clients.
When you hire Round Like a Circle, you will have highly personalized service, unlike any other agency around. 

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